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The Story

Embracing a lean and efficient management philosophy we are well positioned to respond rapidly to customer requirements. We strive to achieve this by involving all our employees homogeneously throughout the organization, taking pride in our work and building long lasting relationships with our customers.

SSI Aerostructures can help you in meeting your business objectives by providing pre-production support, risk mitigation, and cost reductions on established programs. SSI is is your solution provider for innovative manufacturing methods and techniques to meet your quality and customer requirements.

OCT 31, 1969. All smiles after HueyTug capsule demonstration were (from left) Military Marketin’s Bob Greer, Whittakers’s Arthur Lopez and capsule inventor Milton Brucker.  

A Brief History

  • Established in 1947 as Narmco Manufacturing, fabricating aircraft composites & metallic structures
  • 1950-1968: Advanced Structures, composite helicopter blades, radomes, GPS antennas, and filament wound aircraft bottles
  • 1968-current: Survival Systems International, manufacture of survival capsules for off-shore drilling industry.
  • 1990-current: Survival Systems International-Aerostructures, ballistic foam and aircraft composites & metallic structures

Our Service

SSI has a deeply engrained relationship with customer service going above and beyond the basic contracted requirements. As a small company SSI is positioned to give unparalleled customer service through all phases of a products life cycle.

Our customer service philosophy has always focused on maintaining long term contracts while offering the flexibility and responsiveness to meet short term, quick turnaround needs.

  • 24-hour accessibility
  • Track record of quick response times to requests and changes
  • No additional charges for extended hours and weekend work required to meet deadlines
  • Offer solutions that go above and beyond contract requirements

The Future

With a strong background in Research & Development at SSI Aerostructures, we consistently utilize cutting edge technologies to improve productivity within the Aerospace industry.

Whether we are exploring new technologies within the world of thermo-plastic aircraft structures, increasing speed and efficiency in manufacturing processes using additive manufacturing and digital threads or the utilization of automation and robotics, SSI Aerostructures will lead the way in how future technologies will deepen our partnerships and enhance our ability to solve our customer' problems faster and more cost-effectively.

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Founding Partners

A Family Run Operation

George Beatty


mark beatty head of SSI Aero Structures

Mark Beatty


Larry Parker


We want to ... be a source of solutions and continuous improvement ...

"We want to support our customers with high-quality parts delivered on time, provide this service in a cost-effective manner and be a source of solutions and continuous improvement in partnership with our customer's needs. We also want to achieve these objectives in a safe and environmentally sound manner".

George Beatty


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Collaborating With World's Best

SSI Aerostructures, doing business since 1968

MD Helicopters

We’re here to help!

At SSI Aerostructures we pride ourselves on our transparent communication and exceptional customer service.

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