SSI Aerostructures utilizes a vertically-integrated production model in the manufacture of diverse, complex details and assemblies. Process capabilities fiber reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, composite and metal bonding, sheet metal forming, machining of aluminum and hard metals, welding, finishing, and complex assembly. SSI Aerostructures variety of capabilities give us many ways to help you meet your business objectives such as cycle time reduction by developing higher level assemblies & kits. In addition, we deliver value with pre-production support, risk mitigation, and cost reductions on established programs. SSI Aerostructures is your solution provider for innovative manufacturing methods and techniques to meet your quality and customer satisfaction requirements.


  • Build-up of detail parts & sub-assemblies into major assemblies
  • Kitting and integration of multiple commodity types
  • Drill, countersink, & rivet
  • Assembly bonding
  • Hydraulic, mechanical, & electrical assemblies
  • Functional test