Ballistic Foam


SSI Aerostructures is the premier supplier of ballistic foam and ballistic foam assemblies. Ballistic foam is a specialized polyurethane foam that is placed in the dry bays of aircraft to prevent fires, add strength with nominal weight to the structure, slow shrapnel during attacks, and offer cost-effective ballistic protection. With over 28 years of experience, SSI Aerostructures can guide our customers to the correct application of ballistic foam. Our ballistic foam team uses customized equipment to spray & pour foam which is then machined and shaped using CNC routers and hand detailing to provide an exact fit within the aircrafts dry bay. In addition, coatings and fabrics may be applied to enhance the properties of the ballistic foam. SSI Aerostructures is fully equipped to handle any type of structural or core foam our customer may require.

  • Ballistic foam
  • Foam spray & pour
  • Foam fabrication & shaping
  • 5 axis & 3 axis CNC routers
  • Application of coatings and fabric
  • Other aircraft foam: Reticulated, polyethylene, PMI, polyurethane foam shaping