Paint & Coatings

SSI Aerostructures has the equipment and expertise to prepare composite & metallic substrates and apply various coatings to meet our customers’ requirements. With over 20,000 cuft of booth capacity and a full suite of application equipment we can apply traditional epoxy/polyurethane primers & top-coats along with specialty coatings such as intumescents. All customer requirements are flowed down into the purchasing & manufacturing processes to ensure the required materials are applied sequentially in the correct environment. All parts are thoroughly prepared using the specified media and protected throughout the painting/coating process. Using in-house process controls, temperature, cure times, and coating thickness are monitored and recorded throughout the manufacturing & inspection process to ensure compliance with customer requirements.


  • Shot & bead blast
  • Spray booth
  • Application of polyurethane & epoxy primers
  • Application of polyurethane & epoxy topcoats
  • Application of intumescent coatings
  • Process and Quality control