30-year experience in advanced aircraft structures proves you can trust us!

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A multi-solution based company providing innovative production techniques in the manufacture of advanced aircraft structures.

Working with the best for over 30 years

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Services We Provide

SSI Aerostructures has over 30 years of experience manufacturing critical and complex aircraft structures. As a proven solution provider for innovative manufacturing methods and techniques, we consistently meet and exceed quality and customer requirements. Our unparalleled customer service results in our competitive advantage as we have the ability to offer large contractor capabilities with the flexibility and responsiveness of a small company while staying competitive in cost and delivering superior products.

Ballistic Foam &
Helicopter / Aircraft Survivability

A premier supplier of ballistic foam who will guide you through the process of correctly applying ballistic foam to your product.

Composites & Thermoplastics

SSI Aerostructures specialize in the incorporation of a wide range of composites and thermoplastic materials into detail parts and complex assemblies.

Manufacture & R&D of Rotor Blade cores

A trusted partner in the research, development and production of rotor blade cores using the latest technology.

Consulting & Technical Multi-Solution Based Production Hub

From ideation to production our ability to solve problems and bring ideas to life is second to none.

Design & Manufacture of Details & Higher-Level Assemblies

Utilizing a vertically integrated production model in the manufacture of diverse, complex details and assemblies. 

A High-Level Engineering

SSI Aerostructures provides engineering, quality and material support throughout the life-cycle of a product's development. 

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