30-year experience in advanced aircraft structures proves you can trust us!

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Manufacturing & Production

We excel in the production of high-end technical manufacturing processes

Ballistic Foam &
Helicopter / Aircraft Survivability

Ballistic foam is a specialized polyurethane foam that is placed in the dry bays of aircrafts. As a premier supplier of ballistic foam and ballistic foam assemblies we will guide you through the process of correctly applying ballistic foam to your product.


Prevents fires

Material fills the dry bay and is flame resistant

Increases strength

Integrate foam into the structure

Hydrodynamic ram

Mitigates the effects of hydrodynamic ram

Exact fit

CNC machining provides intricate detail


  • Customized shaping
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Foam spray & pour
  • Hand detailing
  • 3 & 5 axis CNC routers
  • DPD/MBD capabilities
eduardo feria ssi aero structures

I am proud to be part of the team that for over 30 years has been ...supporting military

"I am proud to be part of the team that for over 30 years has been providing ballistic foam and supporting military rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft with enhanced survivability capabilities."

Eduardo Feria

Quality Control Supervisor

Composites & Thermoplastics

SSI Aerostructures specialize in the incorporation of a wide range of composites and thermoplastic materials into detail parts and complex assemblies.


Closed & Open Molding

Using closed molding and traditional open mold processes to produce high quality composite parts.


High level of competency to shape, form, and bond thermoplastic materials into detail parts and incorporate into higher level assemblies.

Problem Solving

Experienced fabrication team providing creative, cost effective solutions to complex requirements.

Materials Included

Epoxy & vinyl ester resin systems, structural cores, fabric & woven fibers.


  • Vacuum bagging
  • Resin Transfer Molding
  • Out of Autoclave (OAC)
  • Vacuum Infusion
  • Vacuum forming
  • Room temperature & oven cure
  • Composite tooling
  • Fabrication / Bonding
mark gray ssi aero structures

... positions us ... be your solution provider

“Our wide array of equipment and exceptional material knowledge, combined with over 30 years of hands-on production, positions us well to be your solution provider."

Mark Gray

Manufacturing Manager

Manufacture & R&D of Rotor Blade cores using the latest Technologies

SSI Aerostructures is ready to be your partner in the development and production of your rotor blades.



Innovative manufacturing techniques to meet your requirements.

High Quality

Added value to any program with competitive pricing and superior quality. 


Partner with you to bring cost reductions to established programs or provide pre-production support and risk mitigation on new programs.

On-Time Delivery

SSI have an award-winning track record of delivering quality products on-time.


  • Foam cores
  • Foam casting
  • Kitting of blade core kits
  • Honeycomb cores
  • CNC machining
  • Digital Inspection & Scanning
michael watkins ssi aero structures

... to bring ... rotor blade core ideas to reality

“With our wide range of capabilities, we provide exceptional R&D services to bring your rotor blade core ideas to reality, in addition to refining your existing blade processes to a higher level of efficiency and quality."

Michael Watkins

Manufacturing Supervisor

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